About MUNC

Hi, I am Carol, the creator of MUNC. I spent more than a decade in a corporate environment doing publication production and graphic design, first at a public relations firm in Washington, DC then at a well known furniture company in Toronto. But something was missing and I couldn't tell what.

Then one day as I walked into the upholstery department in the rear end of the furniture company’s spacious plant, I found myself falling into the rabbit hole and from there on never wanted to come out of it. The rolls of fabric and sheets of leather totally enticed me. I realized what was missing in my life: the tactility of textiles. This was the moment I decided to carve my own path in the realm of creativity in sewing. I always regarded myself as a computer geek, but the short journey to the upholstery department awakened the maker in me. I fell in love with using my hands and getting messy and I don't care if the leather dust or fabric fiber cover all my pants, or if the leather dyes stain my nails. I don’t believe in manicured nails anyways.

So I started MUNC, an accessory making studio in Toronto. MUNC stands for modern, urban, natural and chic. It also happens to be the latter half of "chipmunk" which is the mascot of the brand.

Thank you for visiting my store,